New Releases March 2006

It's that time of the month again for our monthly program of new releases. John Schaefer once again picks through the spring flood of CDs that have been sent to his office to find new releases worthy of showcasing in tonight's program. [Oh if only we'd had a wide-angle lens to capture the REST of the office, and not merely the desk...]

PROGRAM # 2529, New Releases, March 2006 (First aired on March 31, 2006)

Le Trio Joubran Randana Ahwak [6:30]
Badawi Safe Sound on its Eccoing (sic) [7:00] Asphodel #2030***
The Toids Unblocked Ears Groping and Hoping [7:30] Odd-Shaped Case #1011.
Marconi Union Distance Sleepless [5:30] Hannibal #1490** *
The Gotan Project Lunatico Paris, Texas [7:00] XL #195.*
Salif Keita M’Bemba Moriba [6:30] Decca/Universal – due on June 20, 2006
Glenn Kotche Mobile Reductions or Imitations, excerpt [2:00] Nonesuch #79927** *

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