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Not All Kink and Gloom: Novelist Mary Gaitskill

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Author Mary Gaitskill confesses a healthy disregard for literary trends. She admits that she didn't care for Don DeLillo's "White Noise," and she doesn't feel she needs to read Roberto Bolaño just because everybody else has. "I say it because he's dead, I'm sure he doesn't care," says Gaitskill.

Gaitskill, author of novels Don't Cry and Veronica, recently toured Brooklyn's powerHouse Books with, the video series founded with the belief that a writer's book collection is the window to the literary soul.

As it turns out, Gaitskill, whose stories about the inner lives of women sometimes include frank portrayals of sadomasochism, isn't all kink and gloom. Her favorite books include The Little Prince and Charlotte's Web, which Gaitskill and her husband read to each other early on in their relationship. "He does a good Templeton the Rat," says Gaitskill.