From the Kitchen Archives

This New Sounds program, titled "New Sound New York", is a special sampler of music celebrating the 25th anniversary of The Kitchen’s landmark concert New Music New York. Hear archive performances from that 1979 event by Philip Glass, Meredith Monk, Michael Nyman, Pauline Oliveros, and more.

PROGRAM # 2275, From The Kitchen Archives, 1979 (Tues. 4-20-04)





Philip Glass

From the Kitchen Archives, New Music New York, 1979

Dance #4 [11:30]

Orange Mountain Music #0015*

Tony Conrad

Untitled Pieces, excerpt [2:00]

Meredith Monk

Do You Be [3:30]

Barbara Benary

Exchanges [8:00]

Michael Nyman

Five Orchestral Pieces for Opus Tree [3:00]

David Behrman

Touch Tones, excerpt [4:30]

Phill Niblock

Four Arthurs Superimposed with Two Octaves and a Fifth, excerpt [3:30]

George Lewis

The Kim And I [5:00]

Pauline Oliveros

The Tuning Meditation [5:30]

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