Lullaby and Goodnight

For this New Sounds program, take a tour of the globe with lullabies from around the world. Actress, singer and composer Mariana Sadowska performs a lullaby in our studios, re-created and collected from old ritual songs she learned from women in Ukrainian rural villages. Some of these songs facilitate conversations between matriarchal ancestors, while at times, these recast songs sound as though they verge on possession, with her ululations and her mesmerizing delivery. Plus, listen to a sleepless lullaby from Canadian singer and composer Laurel MacDonald, whose yodels, whispers, and wails bewitch and resonate. Also, Deep Forest uses a lullaby from the Solomon Islands; and lots more.

PROGRAM #2384, Lullabies (First aired on March 8, 2005)

Various Anthologie de la Musiques des Pygmees Aka "Lullaby (Mo Boma)," excerpt [1:00] Ocora LP 558526/7/8 Out of print.
Mariana Sadovska Private recording, WNYC, 2/25/05 Lullaby [3:30] Not commercially available. Info about Sadovska at
Laurel MacDonald Luscinia’s Lullaby Luscinia’s Lullaby [6:00] Improbable Music #04 *
Robin Holcomb Live, WNYC, 11/9/92 Rockabye [4:30] The original version is on the CD, “Rockabye” Nonesuch #61289 **
Dave Holland Triplicate African Lullaby [3:00] ECM #1373
Marta Sebestyen/Muzsikas Live, St. Ann’s Church, Brooklyn 1990 Transylvanian Lullaby, excerpt [2:30] Sebestyen & Muzsikas have numerous CDs, separately & together, available online *
Solomon Islands Fataleka and Baegu Music (Music of the Solomon Islands)

Rorogwela (Lullaby) [1:30]

Auvidis/UNESCO #8027. Seems to be out of print. Try

Deep Forest Deep Forest Sweet Lullaby [3:30] Sony #57840. Available at*
Bukkene Bruse Live, New Sounds in Oslo, 11/93 Miriam’s Lullaby [4:00] This piece is on their CD, Bukkene Bruse, Norway Music #4057. Available at*
Various Artists: Kirsten Bråten Berg & Ale Möller Nordisk Sang Heimo Og Nykkjen [5:00] New Albion #031***
Rinde Eckert Do The Day Over Lullaby [3:30] City of tribes #COT-007
Various Anthologie de la Musiques des Pygmees Aka "Lullaby (Mo Boma)" [2:00] Ocora LP 558526/7/8 Out of print.

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