#2270: New Music for a Silent Film

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From the New Sounds Live concerts at the World Financial Center, the Milwaukee-based new music group Present Music plays a new score to the early Hitchcock silent film “The Lodger.” English composer Joby Talbot provided the original score and plays keyboards along with Present Music in the eerie accompaniment to this film on Jack the Ripper.

PROGRAM # 2270, From New Sounds Live Silent Films Concert Series at the World Financial Center (First aired: Tues, 4/6/04)





Present Music with Joby Talbot

Live, 1/16/04, from the World Financial Center

Talbot: The Lodger [55:00]

Not commercially available. Present Music's website is: www.presentmusic.org
More about Joby Talbot at www.mannersmcdade.co.uk

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