The Modern Medieval

Listen to some new music that looks back – way back – on this New Sounds program. There’s “Proverb,” Steve Reich’s take on medieval French counterpoint, along with music from the medieval-looking Estonian Arvo Pärt. We’ll also hear a Requiem from Alfred Schnittke, the Soviet Union-born German-Jewish composer who brings together in his music several unlikely combinations of styles: Romantic, Classical, Baroque, modernist, and medieval. Plus, listen to highlights from Richard Einhorn’s oratorio, Voices of Light, written to accompany the Passion of Joan of Arc (the 1928 Carl Dreyer silent film.) Einhorn’s score pivots between Joan's time and now, using an authentic-sounding medieval style that develops into what NY Times writer Allan Kozinn calls a “post-Minimalist combination of repeating figures and lush neo-Romantic orchestration.” The score will be performed with Dreyer’s silent film at a New Sounds Live event this Thursday and Friday, February 16 & 17, at the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden.

PROGRAM # 2510, Medieval Meets Modern (First aired on Mon., 2/13/06)





Hilliard Ensemble

Perotin & the Ars Antiqua

Viderunt Omnes, excerpt [1:30]

Hilliard Live, Vol. 1 Hilliard limited CDs are available only from the Ensemble directly:

Richard Einhorn

Voices of Light

Torture [5:30]
Jailers [3:00]
Sacrament [5:00]

Sony Classical #62006 **

Steve Reich

Proverb/Nagoya Marimbas/ City Life

Proverb [14:00]

Nonesuch #79430 ***

Alfred Schnittke


Sanctus [3:30]
Hostias [1:00]
Agnus Dei [2:30]
Requiem (4:00)

Classico - Qualiton / The Orchard
(downloadable from

Arvo Pärt

Kanon Pokajanen

Kondakion [2:30]
Ikos [3:00]

ECM #1654/55**

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