#2507: Primarily Percussion

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On this edition of New Sounds, drink in some music where the drummers get the spotlight, like the debut recording from Afro-Cuban All-Star percussionist Miguel 'Anga' Diaz. His record, “Echu Mingua,” fuses traditional Cuban son, ritual Santeria call-and-response, hip-hop, jazz, salsa, and Malian groove as well, with a guest appearance by Baba Sissoko on n'goni and vocals. Also there's music from the tabla phenom Zakir Hussain and music from the show, Stomp, that uses human bodies, trash cans, brooms, and nearly anything else as a melodic drum.

PROGRAM #2507 Percussion-Based Ensembles (aired Tuesday 2/7/06)






Echu Mingua

Tume Tume [4:00]

Nonesuch #79658 ** www.nonesuch.com

DJ Spooky

Rhythm Science

Bill Laswell vs. Vedic /Scanner + Freeform vs. Michael Mayer / Kurt Schwitters [5:00]

Sub Rosa #201


Echu Mingua

A Love Supreme [6:00]

See above.

Various Artists

Pulse: A Stomp Odyssey

Qwii Music Arts Trust Khoi San Music, remix by Mr. Bill & Mr. Ben [5:00]

Six Degrees #1084 ** www.sixdegreesrecords.com*

Zakir Hussain & The Rhythm Experience

The Rhythm Experience

Balinese Fantasy [4:00]

Moment #1007

Mecca Bodega

Subway Stories

Fern’s Heart of Darkness [5:00]
Subway Stories [6:00]

Hybrid #20005 Available at www.meccabodega.com

Mark Nauseef


Quilts [11:00]

CMP #25 Out of Print, but try www.gemm.com or E-bay.

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