Microtonal Music

On this New Sounds episode, Johnny Reinhard, the composer and director of the annual American Festival of Microtonal Music, presents live recordings from the most recent edition of the festival. In brief, the philosophy of microtonality contends that alternatives exist to the traditional Western 12-tone equal temperament system. According to Reinhard, "The number of pitches is infinite ... just because more importance is placed on the Western system today does not mean it's the best."

PROGRAM #2261, Microtonal Music with Johnny Reinhard (First aired on Mon., 3/15/04)





Julian Carillo

Live, Microfest 2003

Meditation [1:30]

Not commercially available. Info on the annual microfest can be found at the American Festival of Microtonal Music, www.afmm.org, or 212-517-3550.

Don Conro

The Mystic Chord of Scriabin [6:00]

Julian Carillo

I Think of You [8:30]

Tom Chiu

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion), excerpt [3:30]

Johnny Reinhard

Untitled, excerpt [3:30]

So Inclined

Improvisation, excerpt [4:00]

Charles Ives

Private CD

Universe Symphony, excerpt [4:00]

Due for release by The Stereo Society, later in 2004 www.stereosociety.com

Johnny Reinhard

Live, Microfest 2003

Qoheleth, excerpt [4:00]

See above.

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