Musical Storytime

Gather round, for on this edition of New Sounds, it's time for some musical storytelling. Hear from Mendi + Keith Obadike, and their Internet opera and sonic book The Sour Thunder. It's a duet of stories taking place simultaneously, with one thread about traveling to study in the Dominican Republic, and the other a science-fiction-like story taking place in Solaika Dast, where communication happens by scent. Music in The Sour Thunder incorporates treated hollow body guitars, mbiras (thumb pianos), environmental field recordings and electronically processed vocals. There's also a political narrative about the death of trust in the collaborative hip-hop trance-jazz-rock song cycle by Vijay Iyer and Mike Ladd, called "In What Language?" Plus, the latest from Jerry Granelli and Rinde Eckert, a series of reflections and imaginings using Billy the Kid.

PROGRAM #2370, Musical Storytellers (First aired on Jan. 27, 2005)





Laurie Anderson

Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology

The Night Flight From Houston [1:30]

Rhino #76648**

Jerry Granelli w/Rinde Eckert

Sandhills Reunion

Like A Ghost In The Grass [4:00]
Nolan [7:00]
Last Light [5:30]

Songlines #1553*

Laurie Anderson

Talk Normal: The L.A. Anthology

Night In Baghdad [3:30]
The Ouija Board [4:00]

See above.

Frances-Marie Uitti & Paul Griffiths

There Is Still Time

There It Was [5:00]
I Did Look [5:00]

ECM #1882 **

Vijay Iyer & Michael Ladd

In What Language

The Color of My Circumference I [4:00]

Pi Recordings, #09

Mendi & Keith Obadike

The Sour Thunder

The Airport [1:30]
Sesom Arrives [1:00]
Even The Magnolia [2:00]

Bridge #9158

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