Double-Bass Upfront

Whether it’s a jazz player standing isolated at the back of a stage, or a small army of players standing to one side of the orchestra, often too close to the brass section, double-bass players don’t often get the props they deserve for holding the line. On this edition of New Sounds, the focus is on these unsung musicians – the bass player/composers- and their new works. There’s music from New York-based Arnold Dreyblatt, who with his Orchestra of Excited Strings, literally beats the sound out of various stringed instruments. Upon close listening, Dreyblatt’s rhythmic, textured music might seem like an entire universe of tones -maybe not even what he composed- because of the way our brains can perceive the overtone structure of the strings. Plus, hear from virtuoso electric upright bass player Eberhard Weber, Oregonian Glen Moore, Norwegian Arild Andersen and genre-jumper Edgar Meyer, among others.

PROGRAM # 2260, New Music For -And By- Double-Bassists (First aired on Thurs., 3/11/04)





Joshua Bell & Edgar Meyer, with Sam Bush & Mike Marshall

Short Trip Home

In The Nick Of Time [5:00]

Sony Classical #60864**

Arild Andersen

If You Look Far Enough

Far Enough [6:30]

ECM #1493***

Mokave (Glen Moore, Larry Karush, Glen Velez)


Fall 92 [7:00]

Audioquest #1007, Out of print, but available at * OR

Eberhard Weber

The Colours of Chloe

More Colours [6:30]

ECM #1042*

Pekka Pohjola

New Impressionist

Try To Remember [7:00]

Rockadillo #ZEN-2013. Out of print. More info at

Edgar Meyer

Concerto for Cello, Double-Bass, and Violin

Concert In D for Double-Bass and Orchestra, Movement 2 [6:00]

Sony Classical #60956**

Arnold Dreyblatt & The Orchestra of Excited Strings

The Adding Machine

International Dateline [7:00]

Cantaloupe #21006***

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