Strange Arrangements

This edition of New Sounds is given over to unusual arrangements of three "minimalist" classics. Marco Cappelli plays "Electric Counterpoint" by Steve Reich on string instruments from around the world; the Shanghai Film Orchestra plays "In C" by Terry Riley on traditional Chinese instruments; and Bruce Brubaker plays an excerpt from the Philip Glass opera Satyagraha on solo piano.

PROGRAM #2263, Unusual Arrangements of 3 "Minimalist" Works (First aired on Friday, 3/19/04)





Steve Reich

Different Trains/ Electric Counterpoint

Electric Counterpoint, excerpt [2:00]

Nonesuch #79176***

Marco Cappelli

Yun Mu

Electric Counterpoint [14:30]

Tatro del Sole #012007

Terry Riley

In C - 25th Anniversary Concert

In C, excerpt [2:00]

New Albion #071** *

Terry Riley

In C, Works by David Mingyue Liang - Shanghai Film Orchestra

In C [28:30]

Celestial Harmonies #13026***

Philip Glass


Act III, finale, excerpt [1:30]

CBS/Sony #39672**
available online at*

Donald Joyce

Glass Organ Works

Satyagraha, Act III, finale, excerpt [5:00]

BMG/Catalyst #61825. May be out of print, but try or*

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