Electro-Acoustic Music

On this edition of New Sounds, there are works by and for Canadian composer and guitar player Tim Brady. Brady's "Frame 1 – Resonance" was imagined as piece for piano and guitar where the guitar acts like a big, electronic resonator for the piano part, in effect becoming an electro-acoustic sustain pedal. Hear the piece played by the ensemble Bradyworks; Pamela Reiner on piano and Tim Brady himself on guitar and treatments. Then there’s "Dancetracks," which began life as a piece for tape and improvising electric guitar, created for Brady on commission by the Sonic Arts Network of London. The version that’s part of this New Sounds program is a composite of improvisations made out of real time, and in multiple tracks, by Steve Mackey, against the grid of the tape/drum track. Plus, hear a piece for mulitple marimbas, "Loops, Blips, and Flesh" by the Irish composer Donnacha Dennehy.

PROGRAM #2368, Electroacoustic Music (First aired on Jan. 19, 2005)





Tim Brady

Playing Guitar – Symphony #1

Frame I: Resonance [12:00]

Actuelle #125 www.actuellecd.com*

Steve Mackey

Lost And Found

Dancetracks [18:00]

Bridge #9065

Slagwerkgroep Den Haag

New Works for Percussion

Donnacha Dennehy: Composition for Percussion, Loops, Blips, and Flesh [15:00]

SDH #5 www.slagwerkgroepdenhaag.nl

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