Ethio Jazz Live

From the New Sounds Live concert series, the Either Orchestra, the Massachusetts-based brass band, plays arrangements of classic Ethiopian pop music, with special guest Mulatu Astatqe, one of the leaders of the Ethiopian pop scene in the late 60s/early 70s. The E/O's innovative and tricky "Ethiopian Suite" was a definite show-stopper. Hear it and other works recorded at the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden Atrium this past fall of 2004.
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PROGRAM #2366, From NS Live: The Either/Orchestra (First aired on Jan.13, 2005)





The Either/Orchestra with Mulatu Astatqe

New Sounds Live, World Financial Center, 11-12-04

Deraché – Asosa – Dewél [16:00]
The Ethiopian Suite [30:00]
Alchalkum, excerpt [5:00]

The Ethiopian Suite is on the band’s CD, “More Beautiful Than Death” on Accurate Records. Info at*

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