String Quartet Plus

Music for string quartet takes over this New Sounds program with help from additional musical and non-musical sounds. Listen to an “extreme composition” by Brad Lubman for string quartet with electronics called “Jumping to conclusions” – with a neat section acidly titled: “My Art Has No Value.” Also, music from the understated pinhole world of Amina, the string quartet who have toured as Sigur Ros’ texture-makers, and Steve Reich’ seminal “Different Trains,” which uses vintage train sounds from the 1930s and '40s, among other taped material.

PROGRAM #2487, String Quartets Plus (First aired on Monday, 12-19-05)







Fjarskanistan [6:30]

Workers Institute #1 OR

Brad Lubman


Jumping to conclusions: iii. “My Art Has No Value” [4:30]

Tzadik #8017*

Procede Rodesco-Letort

Volume Premier

Bruno Letort: Suite for String Quartet and Diverse Machines [12:00]

Tangram #3026
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Quatuor Bozzini

Steve Reich: Different Trains

After The War [10:30]

Concordia/QB #0502

Kronos Quartet

Short Stories

Pandit Pran Nath: Aba Kee Tayk Hamaree (It Is My Turn, Oh Lord) [10:00]

Nonesuch #79310 ***

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