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New Sounds tackles film music for this program. Listen for excerpts from Angelo Badalamenti's “Twin Peaks,” and Carter Burwell's score from the movie, "Adaptation," among others. Plus, hear music by David Byrne - “Lead Us Not into Temptation” – a dark and lovely score for the film "Young Adam." The film is set along the canals of industrial Scotland and Byrne's score is somewhat noirish to match the mood of this picture. Guest contributing musicians on Byrne's project included members of Belle & Sebastian, Mogwai, Snow Patrol, The Reindeer Section, and others.

PROGRAM #2485, Unusual Soundtracks (First aired on Monday, 12-12-05)





Angelo Badalamenti

Twin Peaks

Laura Palmer’s Theme [3:30] Theme from Twin Peaks [5:00]

Warner Bros. #26316**
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David Byrne

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Seaside Smokes [3:30]
Dirty Hair [4:30]
Sex on the Docks [4:30]

Thrill Jockey #* , download from E-music, OR preview all songs and buy at i-Tunes



Overture [3:30]
107 Steps [2:30]
New World [4:30]

Island/Elektra #62533***

Carter Burwell


The Evolution of the Screenwriter [1:30]
Approaching the Object of Desire [3:30]
The Slough Pit of Creation [3:30]

Astralwerks #43484** Available for purchase at*

Mychael Danna et al

The Ice Storm

Finale, excerpt [3:00]

Velvet Reel Sounds #79713**

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The Horse Flies

Where The Rivers Flow North

Cutting the Trees [2:30]
Log Death, excerpt [2:00]

Alcazar #119
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