New Music from Switzerland

On this New Sounds program, expect the occasional alphorn – but no yodeling. Hear lots of new music from Switzerland, including something from composer/violinist Franziska Baumann, whose sound installation work features the sound of glacial ice movements interspersed with voices. Also, listen to Michele Walther (violin), Matthias Gubler (soprano sax), and Luzian Jenny (accordion) from the vivacious collection of songs, "Orange Heart." Plus, the fun grooves of the Albins Alpin Quartet, whose music incorporates saxophone, accordion, toy piano, tuba and regular old drums. And so much more.

PROGRAM # 2478, New Swiss Music – Yodel Free! (First aired on Tuesday, 11-22-05)





Albins Alpin Quintett

Pilatus Suite

Heitertannli [5:00]

Altrisuoni #152 *

Michele Walther, Matthias Gubler, Luzian Jenny

Orange Heart

Sunday Morning [5:00]

Altrisuoni #126 * OR OR e-mail

Hans Koch, Martin Schütz, Marco Käppeli


Shy Csardas [5:00]

ECM #1357 ** *

Pierre Favre & Michel Godard


Deux-primo [3:00]

Altrisuoni #101 *

Paul Giger


Karma Shadub, excerpt [10:30]

ECM #1681 *

Franziska Baumann

Vocal Suite

Gossamer [4:30] Les Verres Chanteuses [5:30]

Unit #4105, distributed by RecRec (

Michele Walther, Matthias Gubler, Luzian Jenny

Orange Heart

Snuck [3:30]

See above.

Albins Alpin Quintett

Pilatus Suite

Tomlishorn [4:30]

See above.

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