What's Up Tiger Lillies?

The Tiger Lillies, a UK-based “freak-cabaret trio”, sometimes perform in full clown make-up or with members dressed as pigs. Lead singer and accordionist Martyn Jacques, sings odes to the dispossessed and deranged in an eerie falsetto while the other two members accompany with upright bass and percussion. Their songs channel the spirit of punk with a dash of ska and mix in the passion of chansons, while reviving forgotten gypsy music and the songs of troubadours. On this New Sounds program, The Tiger Lillies discuss their work with the late American writer/illustrator and master of the macabre, Edward Gorey.

PROGRAM # 2239, with The Tiger Lillies (First aired on Thurs, 1/23/04)





The Tiger Lillies

The Gorey End

Hipdeep Family Intro [3:00]
Dreadful Domesticity [4:00]

The Tiger Lillies CDs are generally available only through their website. www.tigerlillies.com (note spelling; it's not "tigerlilies")

The Tiger Lillies

Shockheaded Peter

Snip Snip [3:30]

See above.

The Tiger Lillies

The Gorey End

Weeping Chandelier [3:00]
Gin [3:00]
ABC [3:00]
Hipdeep Family [4:00]

See above.

June Tabor

An Echo of Hooves

Bonnie James Campbell [3:30]
Hughie Graeme [3:00]

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