Music for Adapted Guitar

Works by composers who started with guitars, began altering their instruments, and ended up with a whole new sound world are the focus of this edition of New Sounds. Whether it’s adding strings, affixing wooden bars to the instrument, or even stretching the instrument to almost twenty feet in length and playing it like a zither, we’ll hear a variety of approaches to sound. One of these guitarists, Dominic Frasca, in order to adapt certain pieces for guitar, has commissioned specially constructed 6-, 10- and 13 string guitars, rigged with C-clamps and door bolts. Paul Dresher is another guitarist/innovator who has extended the instrument with the Quadrachord, a zither-like instrument with four 160-inch-long strings. Hear music for these adapted guitars and more, along with thoughtful chamber rock music by the group Clogs.

PROGRAM #2343, Music for Adapted Guitars (First aired on Wednesday, 11/10/04)





Paul Dresher

Cage Machine

Quad 9/4 [4:30]
Delta Clave [5:00]

New Albion #NA125. Available at Due out soon, through*


Stick Music

Pencil Stick [6:00]

Brassland #HWY-007 ** or*

Dominic Frasca


Forced Entry [8:30]


Stick Music

Beating Stick [6:00]

See above.

Glenn Branca

Symphony #2, The Peak Of the Sacred

Slow Mass, excerpt [14:00]

Atavistic #ALP05

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