Festival in the Desert

Every year in Mali just outside of Timbuktu, the annual Festival in the Desert is held, celebrating the music and culture of the nomadic Tuareg people of the Sahara. All who can make it, that is. To get to the festival site at Essakane, one needs a 4x4 jeep equipped for the desert for the five hour trek across the dunes. Even so, last year’s festival included such world-class performers as Ali Farka Toure and Oumou Sangare, along with other non-African artists like the French group Lo'Jo and the Dine/Navajo Blackfire trio, not to mention Justin Adams and oh yes – former Led Zeppelin frontman Robert Plant. On this New Sounds program, hear selections from the recent release of live concert music from the Festival and more.

PROGRAM # 2240, with The Festival in the Desert (First aired on Tues., 1/27/04)





West Africa

Drum, Chant & Instrumental Music

Tuareg Medicinal Chant, excerpt [3:30]

Nonesuch Explorer #79709** www.nonesuch.com*

Various Artists

Festival In The Desert

Tinariwen: Aldachan Manin [3:30]
Adama Yalomba: Politique [3:00]
Oumou Sangare: Wayena [3:00]
Ludovico Einaudi & Ballake Sissoko: Chameaux [4:00]
Ali Farka Toure: Karaw [5:00]
Robert Plant & Justin Adams: Win My Train Fare Home [6:00]
Takamba Super Onze: Super II [5:00]
Afel Bocoum: Buri Baalal [5:00]
Django: Laisse-moi Dire [2:30]

World Village #468020** www.worldvillagemusic.com*

West Africa

Drum Chant & Instrumental Music

Kouco Solo [4:00]

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