Force of Her Fortieth

Hailed as “one of America’s Coolest Composers,” vocal innovator, filmmaker and director/choreographer Meredith Monk has opened the eyes and ears of countless artists and performers. This year there have been concerts all over the world celebrating her 40th Anniversary season, which will culminate this month at Carnegie Hall (Nov. 6) and at the World Financial Center’s Winter Garden (November 9 and 16.) Her groundbreaking exploration of the voice as an instrument forcibly expands the musical composition box, creating sonicscapes that unleash emotions and forces for which we have no words. Yet Monk does well without words - her wordless compositions combine classical music’s technical chops, folk music eloquence, jazz flexibility and rock and roll drive. This New Sounds is dedicated to Meredith Monk’s 40 year career, and host John Schaefer presents a sampling of her music, from her landmark vocal ensemble pieces to her most recent instrumental compositions.

PROGRAM # 2471 Fripp & Monk - a New Sounds Live Preview (First aired on Wed. 11/03/05)





Robert Fripp

Soundscapes, New Sounds Live, World Financial Center, 11/98

Excerpt [7:00]

Not commercially available. Running at WFC’s Winter Garden 12-2pm 11/4, 5, 6, 7 and 9. Other soundscapes available at

Meredith Monk

Songs from the Hill

Silo [2:00]

Wergo #1022

Meredith Monk

Dolmen Music

Gotham Lullaby [4:00]

ECM #1197 **

Meredith Monk

Do You Be

Quarry Lullaby [2:00]

ECM #1336**

Meredith Monk

Facing North

Hocket [4:30]
Long Shadows I [2:30]

ECM #1482**

Meredith Monk


Earth Seen From Above [7:30]

ECM #1491/92**

Meredith Monk


Shaking [4:00]

ECM #1829**

Robert Fripp

Soundscapes, New Sounds Live, World Financial Center, 11/98

Excerpt [13:00]

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