Breaking Ice

Hear works for chamber rock ensembles, like the English band Icebreaker and the Bang on a Can All-Stars on this edition of New Sounds. Listen to Michael Gordon’s rhythmically-driven “Yo Shakespeare,” which has three types of dance rhythms going on simultaneously, but still feels danceable. The piece has actually been used by a dance company - Elliot Feld’s, but was written for Icebreaker. Then there’s Gavin Bryars’ “The Archangel Trip” inspired by a documentary film about two Russian icebreakers that ply the seas above the northern coasts of Russia, also written for Icebreaker. From a brand-new release called “Elevated,” listen to Bang on a Can composer David Lang’s psalm-derived “How To Pray,” for Hammond organ, piano, electric guitar and drums. Plus, the Bang on a Can All-Stars perform Phil Kline's schizophrenic, contemplative "Exquisite Corpses."

PROGRAM # 2470 Chamber Rock Ensembles (First aired on Wed. 11/02/05)





David Lang


How To Pray [10:00]

Cantaloupe #21029***


Terminal Velocity

Michael Gordon: Yo Shakespeare [11:00]

Argo #443214
Out of print, but rereleased on Canteloupe records #21031

Bang on a Can All-Stars

Renegade Heaven

Phil Kline: Exquisite Corpses [11:30]

Cantaloupe #21001 ***


Terminal Velocity

Gavin Bryars: The Archangel Trip [16:00]

See above.

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