The "California School"

Was there really a California school of new music in the late 70s and early 80s? We'll hear works by John Adams, Ingram Marshall, Peter Garland, Chas Smith, Paul Dresher, and other composers whose music suggests that the question might not have a simple answer.

PROGRAM #2223, The California School? (First aired on 12/2/03)





Garland, Fink, Childs, Miller, Smith, Cox, Lentz

The Complete 10-inch series from Cold Blue

Michael Jon Fink: Two Pieces for Solo Piano [4:00]
Chas Smith: October 68 [4:30]
Rick Cox: These Things Stop Breathing, excerpt [4:00]
Peter Garland: Matachin Dances, #5 [2:30]

Cold Blue #0014*

Ingram Marshall


Prelude - The Bay [6:30]

New Albion #040**

John Adams

Shaker Loops/Light Over Water

Shaker Loops- A Final Shaking [9:30]

New Albion #014**

Garland, Fink, etc…

The Complete 10-inch series from Cold Blue

Daniel Lentz: Slow Motion Mirror [4:30]

See above.

Paul Dresher

Dark Blue Circumstance

Dark Blue Circumstance [8:00]

New Albion #053.

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