Cross-Continental Fruits

Hold on to your passport, for this New Sounds is a whirlwind tour of Scandinavian, Chinese, Arabic and English music traditions - and that’s just on “Ochre,” a collaboration between electric zither master Andrew Cronshaw and Syrian qanun and oud virtuoso Abdullah Chhadeh. 'Ochre' takes the tunes of early English folk songs, but interprets them from other traditions and features Arabic singer Natacha Atlas and Pontic lyra player Matthaios Tsahourides as guest artists. Also in store on this program, #2330, are shockingly speedy tunes from the Balkan-Breton band led by Erik Marchand, and new soulful Jewish-Arab music from Basya Schechter, the vocalist from Pharaoh’s Daughter. Plus, hear the acoustic cross-cultural blend of Arabic, Egyptian, South Indian, and Greek traditions on Maza Meze’s recent release, “Secrets Moon Magic.” And much more.

PROGRAM #2330 Echoes of the Eastern Mediterranean (Thurs. 10-14-04)





The Music of Islam, Vol. 14

Mystic Music Through The Ages

Ya Rabbi, excerpt [2:00]

Celestial Harmonies #13154*

Andrew Cronshaw


Sofia, The Saracen’s Daughter [10:00]

Cloud Valley #2008.

Erik Marchand et Les Balkaniks


Ar Foll [7:30]

Le Chant Du Monde/Harmonia Mundi #2741260*

Maza Meze

Secrets Moon Magic

Bahia Out [8:00]

Global Village #3009

Basya Schecter

Queen’s Dominion

Pashmina [5:30]

Tzadik #7193**

Osvaldo Golijov


Ariadne In Her Labyrinth [6:00]
My Love [5:00]

Not yet commercially released.

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