Hearing Voices

Hear voices along with the Kronos Quartet on this New Sounds program, featuring music by Scott Johnson which uses the recorded voice of the political philosopher I.F. Stone. Johnson taps into the melodic cadences of Stone’s voice, chops them up, and feeds them through various effects, all the while accompanied by witty string quartet motifs. Also on the show, a tongue-in peanut butter banana sandwich work by Michael Daugherty, “Elvis Everywhere,” for three Elvis impersonators and string quartet also featuring Kronos.

PROGRAM #2325 String Quartet Plus… (Thurs. 9-23-04)





Kronos Quartet

Howl, USA

Michael Daugherty: Sing Sing – J. Edgar Hoover [11:00]

Nonesuch #79372** www.nonesuch.com*

Kronos Quartet

Released 1985-1995

Scott Johnson: It Raged [8:00]
From “How It Happens – The Voice of I.F. Stone”

Nonesuch #79394** www.nonesuch.com*



John King: Spiritual [4:30]
Shuffle [5:30]

Canteloupe #21017** www.canteloupemusic.com*

Gavin Bryars

A Man In A Room, Gambling

Pt #4 [5:00]
Pt #8 [5:00]

Point Music #456 514** Out of print, but check Amazon.com*

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