#547: Vaults: Hijaz Mustapha

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For this edition of New Sounds, Hijaz Mustapha, the founder of the 3 Mustaphas 3, visited the WNYC studios for this 1990 program, (our last From the Vaults program in the series.) The witty ringleader of the London-based world music band talks in an indeterminate accent about his music and the traditions around the world that he’s stolen from. He also talks of fez-essentialism, refridgerator smuggling, and of course, music-making with the versatile (yet fictional) family Mustapha.

PROGRAM #547 "With Guest Hijaz Mustapha" (First aired 9/20/1990)





Stella Chiweshe


"Chamakuwende" {1:30}

Globe Style #029. Info at www.acerecords.co.uk
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3 Mustaphas 3

Heart of Uncle

"Awara Hoon" {3:30}
"Sitna Lisa" {5:00}
"Ovcepolsko Oro" {3:30}
"Vi Bist Du Geveyzn Far Prohibishn" {5:00}
"Kaba Mustapha/Valle E Gajdes" {4:00}
"Taxi Driver (I Don't Care)" {3:30}
"Benga Taxi" {3:00}

Rykodisc #20156. Info at www.rykodisc.com
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Euis Komariak & Yus Wirandiredja

The Sound of Sunda

"Bulan Sapasi" excerpt {3:00}

Globe Style #060.
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