#487: Vaults: A Koto Armada

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Listen to a live performance of contemporary music written for koto, the classical zither of Japan, on this New Sounds program From the Vaults. This 1990 show features a bold and serene articulation of a work for koto & bass koto by the Kazue Sawai Koto ensemble. In a piece called "Homura," this virtual aramada of kotos approximates fiery swells and crashes, along with peaceful ebbs and flows. Plus, some music for the birds by Finnish composer Einojuhani Rautavaara, and more.

PROGRAM #487: "With the Kazue Sawai Koto Ensemble" (First aired on May 8, 1990)





Kazue Sawai Koto Ensemble


Tadao Sawai: “Homura" {15:00}

Not recorded commercially. Other Kazue Sawai recordings have been released only in Japan.

Einojuhani Rautavaara

Cantus Arcticus/ Angel of Dusk/Requiem

"Cantus Arcticus" {17:30}

Finlandia #FACD-009. Out of print. But several recordings of the piece are available. Try Amazon.com*

Chambliss Giobbi

private tape

"The Quiet Sun," excerpt {16:00}

Not commercially available. Giobbi has recently abandoned musical pursuits for visual art.
View some of his works are at www.chamblissgiobbi.com Contact him at c.giobbi@verizon.net

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