#219: Vaults: Turtle Island String Quartet

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Turtle Island String Quartet played live on this edition of New Sounds.

Regular visitors to New Sounds since the day the group was formed, the quirky, genre-blurring Turtle Island String Quartet stopped by for this edition of New Sounds. In this 1989 From the Vaults program, the Turtle Islanders talk about American painters, John Coltrane, and world domination with host John Schaefer. And - oh yes - and they perform some of the music that they were working on at the time, live in the studio.

PROGRAM #219 Turtle Island String Quartet, live (First aired on Feb. 1, 1989)





Turtle Island String Quartet


"Jaco" {4:30}
"Grant Wood" {5:30}
"Sunny August, Full of Moon" {5:30}
"Ecaroh" {5:00}
"Julie-O" (cello solo) {3:00}
"Sidewinder" {6:00}
"Naima/Mr. Bumbles} {6:30}

"Grant Wood" appears on the 1997 release, “A Retrospective.” www.windham.com
All the other tunes are on the release “Metropolis,” WH #0114, which is out of print, but try ebay.com or other auction sites. Also try Amazon.com*
More info at www.tisq.com

Turtle Island String Quartet

Turtle Island String Quartet

"Eurasian Hoedown" {4:00}

WH #0110. Windham Hill. Out of print, but try ebay or other auction sites. Also try Amazon.com*

*, ** - Find the recordings you've heard - go to the New Sounds Recordings Information page