#1410: Vaults: More New Sounds Live

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This June 1997 New Sounds From the Vaults show is taken from three different performances from the New Sounds Live concert series. Listen to the Palestinian-born, Brooklyn-based oud player Simon Shaheen plucking a piece called Samai Nahawand. Then the cello/percussion duo of Maya Beiser and Steven Schick play that very work by Shaheen, along with a piece by new music composer Nick Didkovsky. Plus, hear “Life Is Good, And People Are Basically Decent,” music by Jay Cloidt as played by the electric guitarist and composer Paul Dresher, with his electroacoustic band.

PROGRAM #1410 “from New Sounds Live” (1st broadcast 6-11-97)





Simon Shaheen

Live, 2-6-97

Samai Nahawand (8:30)

Shaheen’s CD “Turath” includes a version of this piece. It’s CMP Records #3006.**

Maya Beiser and Steven Schick

Live, 4-22-97

Shaheen: Samai Nahawand (10:00)
Didkovsky: Caught By the Sky with Wire (11:00)
Body: Ga Da Yina (4:30)

Beiser was and Schick still is part of the Bang On A Can All-Stars. Find their CDs at www.cantaloupemusic.com
The CD “Bang on a Can Classics” includes a version of the Didkovsky piece.

Paul Dresher Ensemble

Live, 3-6-97

Cloidt: Life Is Good, And People Are Basically Decent (12:00)

This performance not commercially available, but the piece appears on the CD, “Kole Kat Krush,” available through www.starkland.com

*, ** - Find the recordings you've heard - go to the New Sounds Recordings Information page