Musical Machines

There’s desert music of a sort on this New Sounds program by California-based composer (and painter) Carolyn Yarnell. Listen to her multi-media piece, “The Same Sky,” whose conclusion was inspired by a walk in the Tunisian desert, looking up at the sky. During performances, the majestic rolling clouds she saw are projected inside the piano’s lid. Also on the show, a churningly vivid work by Todd Reynolds, “uh… it all happened so fast,” as performed by the string quartet Ethel from their recently released debut CD.

PROGRAM # 2208, "Musical Machines" (First aired on 10/24/03)







Todd Reynolds: uh… it all happened so fast [6:00]

Cantaloupe Music #21017** *

Arnold Dreyblatt and the Orchestra of Excited Strings

The Adding Machine

International Dateline [9:30]

Cantaloupe Music #21006**. See above.

Carolyn Yarnell

Sonic Vision

The Same Sky [18:30]

Tzadik #7087

Various artists: Christopher Willits


The Baroque Machine [1:30]
The Roller Skating In San Francisco Machine [3:00]
The Kotekan Machine [1:30]
The Yellow Sprout Machine [2:00]
The Fall In Love Machine [4:30]

12K #1025. Limited edition cd;

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