#981: Vaults: Two-fer

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Two bandleaders joined John Schaefer for this December 1993 From the Vaults show: John Lurie and Bachir Attar. Lurie is the founder/leader of the Lounge Lizards and a noted solo artist, TV personality, and painter. Attar is the leader of the ancient group of Moroccan healers known as the Master Musicians of Jajouka, first brought to the West by the Rolling Stones and William S Burroughs. This New Sounds brings you two conversations about two unusual careers.

PROGRAM # Program #981 with John Lurie & Bachir Attar (First aired on Thurs. 12/2/93)





John Lurie & the Lounge Lizards

Live in Berlin

Evan's Drive to Mombasa {8:30}

Intuition #2055. Unauthorized release, but available at Amazon.com*

John Lurie & the Lounge Lizards

No Pain For Cakes

No Pain For Cakes {7:00}

Island #422-842-267.**/ re-released as Polygram #10090 Available at Amazon.com*

John Lurie & the Lounge Lizards

Voice of Chunk

Uncle Jerry {4:00}

Private CD on the CHUNK/Lagarto label. www.strangeandbeautiful.com

Bachir Attar

The Next Dream

The 1001 Nights {4:30}
Full Moon At The Window {4:00}
The Next Dream{4:00}

CMP #CD-57.

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