#1440: From the Vaults: the "Gogs"

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Since 1995, the Gogmagogs have made it their business to combine dynamic movement with virtuosic string playing in a theatre setting. This multimedia performance troupe are the stars of this 1997 New Sounds program From the Vaults. For this program, John Schaefer was on location at the Bridewell Theatre as part of the City of London Festival for a short afternoon visiting with the “Gogs” and capturing some live performances.
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PROGRAM #1440, with the Gogmagogs, live in London (first aired Tues. 9-16-97)





The Gogmagogs

Live, City of London Festival 6/29/97

Said Murad: Ittisal [3:30] Michael Westbrook: Cable Street Blues [7:00] Hanitrarivo Rasonanaivo: Ny Diako (My Journey) [7:00]

These works are all currently unavailable. Some info on the ‘Gogs is available at http://www.gogmagogs.com

John Tavener: Petra [13:00]

Other Tavener works are widely available in better stores**.

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