#1009: Vaults: New Sounds in Norway

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For this New Sounds show From the Vaults, we uncork a show from 1994. It was recorded on location as part a week spent in Norway, where we captured all sorts of fiddles and flutes, ragtime pianists, and even brass bands. Hear live performances from Hardanger fiddler Annbjorg Lien, neo-folk trio Bukkene Bruse, guitarist Knut Reiersrud, pianist Morton Gunnar Larsen, and more.

PROGRAM # 1009: new Directions In Norwegian Folk Music (First aired Mon., Dec. 5, 1994)





opening: Annbjorg Lien

live, Oslo

Springar efter Christiana Lund {1:30}

Lien is part of the Trio "Bukkene Bruse," whose CD on the Grappa label is available at www.grappa.musiconline.no
Info about the band home.hia.no/~bjornor/bukkenebruse.htm
Lien’s discography, with links to purchase is at www.annbjorg.no

Tellef Kvifte

live, Oslo

Gangar: Bestlanden {1:30}

Krifte's playing appears on the CD "Nordisk Sang," New Albion #031. www.newalbion.com

Bukkene Bruse

live duet, Oslo

Elskytter {2:30}

Their CD is Grappa #4053, available in some better record stores. www.grappa.musiconline.no

Knut Reiersrud

live, Kirkelig Kulturverkstad

Brudemarsch {2:30}

Reiersrud's CDs are available from KKV, www.kkv.musikkonline.no, and more info about him at: www.knutreiersrud.no

Morten Gunnar Larsen

live, Oslo

Olympia Rag {3:30}

Larsen's CD "Maple Leaf Rag" is out of print. But other CDs are available at www.jazzbymail.com/artists/larsen.html Norway.

Tellef Krifte

live, Oslo

Tre Hjerten Paa En Snor {2:00}

Not commercially available.

Brazz Bros.

live at Oslo Jazzhus

Astri Mi Astri {5:30}

The Brazz Bros. have released several private CDs; this piece appears on “LIVE AT OSLO JAZZ HOUSE 1989 “Odin #29. Available at www.brazzbrothers.com

Pernille Anker

live, Oslo

Draemmendekverde, excerpt {2:30}

This performance not commercially available. Anker appears on the CD "Nordisk Sang," New Albion #031. See above.

Pernille Anker


Nyttaarsboenn {5:00} (New Year’s Prayer)

Kirkelig Kurturverksted #FXMC-59. Out of print. Another of her CD’s is available at www.musicfromnorway.com

Jan Garbarek and Agnes Buen Garnås


Venelite {5:00}

ECM #1402**

Arild Andersen with Kirsten Braaten Berg

live recording

Heritage, Pt 2 {4:30}

Not available. Andersen's CD with K.B. Berg, "Sagn" is ECM #1435. His CD "If You Look Far Enough" is ECM #1493. www.ecmrecords.com*

Nordisk Sang...

Kirsten Braaten Berg

Heiemo Og Nykkjen {5:00}

New Albion #031. See above.

*, ** - Find the recordings you've heard - go to the New Sounds Recordings Information page