Vaults: New Sounds in Norway

For this New Sounds show From the Vaults, we uncork a show from 1994. It was recorded on location as part a week spent in Norway, where we captured all sorts of fiddles and flutes, ragtime pianists, and even brass bands. Hear live performances from Hardanger fiddler Annbjorg Lien, neo-folk trio Bukkene Bruse, guitarist Knut Reiersrud, pianist Morton Gunnar Larsen, and more.

PROGRAM # 1009: new Directions In Norwegian Folk Music (First aired Mon., Dec. 5, 1994)





opening: Annbjorg Lien

live, Oslo

Springar efter Christiana Lund {1:30}

Lien is part of the Trio "Bukkene Bruse," whose CD on the Grappa label is available at
Info about the band
Lien’s discography, with links to purchase is at

Tellef Kvifte

live, Oslo

Gangar: Bestlanden {1:30}

Krifte's playing appears on the CD "Nordisk Sang," New Albion #031.

Bukkene Bruse

live duet, Oslo

Elskytter {2:30}

Their CD is Grappa #4053, available in some better record stores.

Knut Reiersrud

live, Kirkelig Kulturverkstad

Brudemarsch {2:30}

Reiersrud's CDs are available from KKV,, and more info about him at:

Morten Gunnar Larsen

live, Oslo

Olympia Rag {3:30}

Larsen's CD "Maple Leaf Rag" is out of print. But other CDs are available at Norway.

Tellef Krifte

live, Oslo

Tre Hjerten Paa En Snor {2:00}

Not commercially available.

Brazz Bros.

live at Oslo Jazzhus

Astri Mi Astri {5:30}

The Brazz Bros. have released several private CDs; this piece appears on “LIVE AT OSLO JAZZ HOUSE 1989 “Odin #29. Available at

Pernille Anker

live, Oslo

Draemmendekverde, excerpt {2:30}

This performance not commercially available. Anker appears on the CD "Nordisk Sang," New Albion #031. See above.

Pernille Anker


Nyttaarsboenn {5:00} (New Year’s Prayer)

Kirkelig Kurturverksted #FXMC-59. Out of print. Another of her CD’s is available at

Jan Garbarek and Agnes Buen Garnås


Venelite {5:00}

ECM #1402**

Arild Andersen with Kirsten Braaten Berg

live recording

Heritage, Pt 2 {4:30}

Not available. Andersen's CD with K.B. Berg, "Sagn" is ECM #1435. His CD "If You Look Far Enough" is ECM #1493.*

Nordisk Sang...

Kirsten Braaten Berg

Heiemo Og Nykkjen {5:00}

New Albion #031. See above.

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