#1293: From the Vaults - For the Kids

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This "From the Vaults" show is from the New Sounds Live concert series, which originally aired on June 20, 1996, and featured live performances recorded from the stage of the BAM Opera House. Listen to traditional Celtic reels along with an infectious Celtic pop tune from the Irish-American rockers Black 47, a thunderous performance from the Brazilian “chamber” samba band Pe De Boi, and a set from the Moroccan group Zahar which featured Hassan Hakmoun. This concert was actually recorded at one of the special daytime “kids” concerts, and artists got to play their music for a bunch of enthusiastic kids. And adults.

PROGRAM #1293: New Sounds Live, World Music Festival '96 at BAM





Pe De Boi


Drum Sequence #1 {5:00}

Not commercially recorded. Info and CDs available at www.view.com/pedeboi-home.html

Zahar and Hassan Hakmoun


Only One God {6:30}
Boudarbella {5:30}
Challaban {6:30}

Zahar's CD called "Trance" is on Real World Records** www.realworldrecords.com, or downloadable at iTunes

Black 47


The Reels {8:30}
Fire of Freedom {6:00}
Funky Ceili {6:00}

Black 47's CDs are available at Amazon.com, iTunes, and CD Baby.** More info at www.black47.com

*, ** - Find the recordings you've heard - go to the New Sounds Recordings Information page