New Music from Iceland

Fresh and innovative, the artists emerging from Iceland these days are surely some of the most creative and breathtaking in music. On this edition of New Sounds, we’ll hear austere, mysterious and strangely beautiful works from the likes of Johan Johannson, the composer Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson, and the countertenor Sverrir Gudjunsson. Plus there’s music by the atmospheric and ethereal Sigur Ros and selections from perhaps the best known Icelandic export - Björk.

PROGRAM #2202 New Music from Iceland (Thursday, 10-9-03)






Edda - Myths from Medieval Iceland

The Song Of The Mill, excerpt [1:00]

Deutsche Harmonia Mundi #77381**
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Hilmar Örn Hiilmarsson

Angels Of The Universe

Schiller In China [2:30]
Te Morituri [2:30]

Fat Cat #CD-01

Johan Johansson


Sálfraeðingur [4:00]
Odi et Amo [3:00]
Eg átti gráa æsku [3:30]

Touch Music #TO:52

Sigur Ros

Agætis Byrjun

Agætis Byrjun [8:00]

Fat Cat # CD-11



Hidden Place [5:30]

Elektra #62653** OR available for purchase at*

Evelyn Glennie

Her Greatest Hits

Oxygen [4:00]

BMG #47629**
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Steindor Andersen


Haustið Nalgast [3:00]

Naxos World #76031
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Sverrir Guðjonsson


Prologue [3:30]
Epitaph [4:00]

Opus 111 #30-253
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Hamrahlid Choir

Icelandic Choral Music

Sveinsson: Autumn Pictures, Pt. 2 [3:00]

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