New Music from Mexico

The unpredictable and adventurous Mexican band Café Tacuba takes top billing on this New Sounds program. Don’t miss a sampling of their forays into punk, bolero, ranchera, salsa, chamber music (with and without the Kronos Quartet), rock, soul, trance, techno, metal, funk, industrial, and even disco, sometimes all at once. Plus, hear the weird otherworldly sounds of the plasmaht, developed by Mexican innovator Ariel Guzik. It’s an instrument creation that responds to electromagnetic energy from objects in the environment - or even from people themselves - to trigger musical sounds from the strings coated in a variety of metals. And to round out the show, there's music by Mexican recorder virtuoso Horacio Franco.

PROGRAM #2196 New Music from Mexico (First aired Thurs. 9-25-03)





Mariachi Cobre

XXV Anniversario

El Jilguerillo, excerpt [1:00]

Black Sun#15022*

Ariel Guzik


Ponchada con celula base excerpt [:30]

AG #1, available through

Café Tacuba


8 [4:00]
El Polen [3:30]
MC [4:00]

Warner Bros. 2 CDs #47374**

Kronos Quartet


12/12, with Café Tacuba [11:30]
Plasmaht, with Ariel Guzik [2:00]

Nonesuch #79649** or available for purchase at*

Ariel Guzik


Ponchada con celula base excerpt [5:30]

See above.

Antonio Zepeda

Espejo de la Noche

Mariposa de Obsidiana [4:00]

Producciones Fonograficas #0751, probably out of print, but try*

Horacio Franco

Serie Siglo XX, Vol. VIII

D. Catan: Encantamiento [7:30]

Serie Siglo XX, probably unobtainable, but contact the artist directly through his website

Ariel Guzik


El Experimento, excerpt [3:00]

See above.

*, ** Find the recordings you've heard - go to the New Sounds Recordings Information page