Sufi Traveler

West Meets Near East on this New Sounds program. Hear music, both old and new, based on Sufi music traditions, featuring works by Turkish-born Mercan Dede, who lives and works between Istanbul and Montreal. Dede fuses the profound, spiritual dimension of Sufi music, drawn from his study of the ney flute and of the 13th century philosopher and poet Rumi, with electronic beats and atmospheric effects on his new CD, “Sufi Traveler.” Listen to selections from it along with works by Ensemble Al Kindi and Daniel Schnyder.

PROGRAM #2311 Sufi Traveler (Thurs. 7-22-04)





Mercan Dede

Sufi Traveler

Nar-i Mey [11:30]
Nar-i Can, excerpt [5:00]
Nar-i Cem [8:30]

Doublemoon #1-ITR 119

Ensemble Al Kindi & Sheikh Habboush

Aleppian Sufi Transe (sic)

Djoubi [5:30]
Ughniya [9:00]

Le Chant du Monde #574 1251/52 distr. by Harmonia Mundi.

Absolute Ensemble


Daniel Schnyder: Sama'i Thaqil [6:00]

Enja #8384***

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