Unusual Songs

There’s an hour of unusual songs on this episode of New Sounds, including works from the Czech vocalist/violinist Iva Bittova. Her strange and wonderful melodic cries are backed by the dark textures of her violin on songs like "Strange Young Lady." Also, listen to the effervescent rise and fall of the Icelandic quartet Sigur Ros, singing one of their tunes in the imaginary language they call "Hopelandish." Plus, hear music from Bjork’s recent album Vespertine, on which she worked with harpist Zeena Parkins, who's been part of New York's improv scene for years. Rinde Eckert and his lyrical falsetto round out the show.

PROGRAM #2192, an hour of unusual songs (First aired on September 16, 2003)





Rinde Eckert

Do The Day Over

Clean Out Of Churches [1:30]

City of Tribes #007. www.cot.com

Iva Bittova

Iva Bittova

River of Milk [5:00]

Nonesuch #79455**

Carla Kihlstedt

Two Foot Yard

Patchen [2:00] On Waking [4:00]

Tzadik #7706** www.tzadik.com *

Iva Bittova

Iva Bittova

Strange Young Lady [5:00]

See above.



Frosti [1:30], Aurora [4:30]

Elektra #62623** www.bjork.com *.

Massive Attack


Teardrop [5:30]

Virgin #45599** www.massiveattack.com *

Sigur Ros

Ágætis Byrjun

Avalon [8:00]

Fat Cat #FATCD-11** www.fat-cat.co.uk ; distributed by Caroline Rec’s, 1-212-886-7500.

Nora York with Yusuf Islam

Private recording

Battle Hymn – Adhan [5:00]

See above.

Rinde Eckert

Do the Day Over

Lullaby [3:30]

See above.

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