Balkan Gypsy Influence

Listen to music under the Balkan & Gypsy influence on this New Sounds Program, featuring music by the gypsy/klezmer/folk/jazz band Les Yeux Noir. The Paris-based octet combines violins, cello, accordion, electric guitar, cimbalom and electronic samples. Something like klezmer for the 21st century, there’s even a take on Aram Khachaturian’s fiery "Sabre Dance" from these French-Jewish gypsy violinists. Also on the show, hear music by the tuneful high-energy Balogh Kalman & the Gipsy Cimbalon Band and the slinky Middle-Eastern groove of Nikola Kodjabashia. Plus, Wisconsin’s own Balkan Lounge Funk, The Reptile Palace Orchestra, and more.

PROGRAM #2310 The Balkan & Gypsy Influence (Wed. 7/21/2004)





Les Yeux Noirs


Cioara [4:30]
Ot Azoi [4:30]
Danse Du Sabre [2:30]

World Village #468019***

Balogh Kalman & the Gipsy Cimbalom Band

A roma

Caravan [8:30]

Folk Europa #007

The Reptile Palace Orchestra

Hwy X

Ratevka [5:30]

Omnium #2016*

Kiril Dzajkovski


Brothel Tango [3:30]

Third Ear Music


Before The Rain

Excerpt [11:00]

Third Ear, see above.

Nikola Kodjabashia

Reveries of the Solitary Walker

Sugarking [6:00]

ReR #NK1

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