Machine Music

Hear works played by real people but inspired by the sounds of machinery on this edition of New Sounds. There’s a looping order to Marc Mellits’ “5 Machines," with impressive and complicated cross-rhythms and syncopated hooky lines, carried by marimba, piano, bass clarinet, guitar, all amplified. Plus, listen to music by Vini Reilly (of Durutti Column fame and one of the forces behind Factory Records) using, well, “the Guitar and Other Machines,” specifically a Yamaha Sequencer and a DMX Drum Machine to make perky synth loops and punchy drum sounds, while also trying out new approaches with his guitar playing. Then, there’s also the sound fragmentation of Christopher Willits, who folds fractured guitar lines on top of one another. And much more.

PROGRAM #2303 Musical Machines (7/06/2004)





Marc Mellits

Bang On A Can All-Stars, BAM, 10/28/01

5 Machines, parts 4& 5 [7:00]

Not yet commercially released. Info about Mellits at, try also, but as of this writing, the site was down.

Annie Gosfield

Flying Sparks & Heavy Machinery

EWA-7, Part 3:Impulse Turbine:Inlet,Exhaust-Combustion Chamber [12:00]

Tzadik #7069***

Procédé Rodesco-Letort

Volume Premier

Suite for String Quartet and Diverse Machines [12:00]

Tangram #3026

The Durutti Column

The Guitar & Other Machines

Miss Haymes [5:00]

Virgin #90887. Available as an import on Polygram records. Try

Various artists: Christopher Willits


7 Machines for Summer: The Kotekan Machine[1:30] The Fall In Love Machine [4:30]

12K #1025. Limited edition cd;

Arnold Dreyblatt & The Orchestra of Excited Strings

The Adding Machine

The Adding Machine, excerpt [2:00]

Cantaloupe #21006**

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