Klezmer-Core, Balkan Bangers and More

It’s New Sounds party music on this program with high-energy Balkan and Slavic big band music played by Americans. Members of the Hungry March Band, a Brooklyn-based collective with lots of horns and drums, perform crazy speed Balkan boogie along with groovy parade music live in the studio, and it’s powerful fun. Also, hear music from the Luminescent Orchestrii, who have cornered the market on Appalachian gypsy music with a little nod to the seminal punk band Dead Kennedys. Plus, listen to the Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band, and selections from the brand-new Slavic Soul Party record. All this to celebrate the King Gypsy Rocker Massive III party, a gypsy punk-ass Balkan brass band dance extravaganza landing at the Knitting Factory this Sunday, May 22.

PROGRAM # 2415, Balkan Party Music – American Style (First aired 5/20/05)

Taraf de Haidouks Band Of Gypsies Bride In A Red Dress, excerpt, [2:00] Nonesuch #79641** www.nonesuch.com
Luminescent Orchestrii Live recordings Taraf Hijacked [3:30] Privately-issued CD www.lumii.org
Slavic Soul Party Bigger Into The Night [5:00] Barbes Records due in June 2005 Info at www.mattmoran.com, OR purchase in Brooklyn at the club, Barbes (376 9th st, open after 5pm)
Hungry March Band Live Jupanese Juju [3:00]
Montserrat Serrat [3:00]
Bella ciao/Moliendo Café [5:00]
Vjerin Coèek [2:30]
Bubamara [2:30]
Most of the pieces are on the CD, “Critical Brass,” available at www.hungrymarchband.com
Zlatne Uste Balkan Brass Band In The Center of The Village Lipe Cvatu [4:30] Azalea #9903** www.azaleacityrecordings.com
Trio Mopmu Torta Bulgarska Nedelya [4:00] Odd Shaped Case #1010 www.oddshapedcase.com

*, ** Find the recordings you've heard - go to the New Sounds Recordings Information page