Silk Road Music

Music from the Silk Road, the ancient Chinese trade route, is featured on this edition of New Sounds. Betty Anne Wong presents her new Silk Road-inspired CD, "Desert Dreams of Light," which features her Phoenix Spring Ensemble in a globe-trotting assortment of instruments, from the Chinese double-reed guanze, to the Japanese Shakuhachi and Australian didjeridu. Also on tap are selections by cellist Yo-Yo Ma and his own Silk Road Project, the Bukharan group Shashmaqam, and more.

PROGRAM #2174 Music from the Silk Road (First aired: Monday 7/7/03)






Silk Road, Vol. 1

Bodhisattva [1:30]

Kuckuck #12051/2.
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YoYo Ma & the Silk Road Project

Silk Road Journeys

Chi passa per'sta strada [1:30]
Blue As the Turquoise Night [15:00]

Sony #89782***

Betty Anne Siu Junn Wong & Phoenix Spring Ensemble

Desert Dreams of Light

Sohbaat (the Art of Conversation) [5:00]
Long Journey, excerpt [4:00]
Guzel Tashkorgan [3:00]
Pamir Trance, excerpt [4:00]
Desert Dreams of Light,excerpt [4:00]

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Music of the Bukharan Jewish Ensemble Shasmaqam

Yalli [330]

Smithsonian Folkways #40054

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