Luscinia’s Lullaby

Canadian vocalist and composer Laurel MacDonald visits the studio for this edition of New Sounds. MacDonald's arresting new CD is called Luscinia’s Lullaby, and features eclectic instrumentation and soundscapes concocted by producer and sound designer Philip Strong. This richly-textured music ranges from trippy, groove-driven polyphonic chant to torch songs with slide guitar and liquid violins.

PROGRAM #2398, Laurel MacDonald (First aired on April 11, 2005)

Mary Jane Lamond Suas E! Spinning Song [5:00] BMG #63246 ***
Laurel MacDonald Luscinia’s Lullaby Nenia Sirenes [5:00]
Ysaiophony [4:00]
Envelope Of Many [3:00]
Cadal chan fhaigh mi [6:30]
Sirenaria [6:30]
Improbable Music #04*

Mary Jane Lamond

Suas E!

Seinn O [2:00]

See above.

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