Jazz Plus...

Jazz plus trip-hop, jazz plus musical theatre, and even jazz plus funk, rock, electronica, pop, and everything else are offered up on this New Sounds program, “Jazz Plus.” Hear music from Club D’elf, who mix trip-hop and electronica with their improvisational jazz. Also, listen to the inimitable trio, The Bad Plus, who bring classical, rock, and pop into their jazz. Plus, music from Brian Woodbury, Ken Schaphorst, and something from the Mark Anthony Turnage project of re-imagined John Scofield themes, “Scorched.”

PROGRAM #2282, Jazz Plus… (First aired 5/10/2004)





The Bad Plus


1979 Semi-Finalist [5:30]
Iron Man [6:00]

Columbia #58331** www.thebadplus.com*

John Stetch

Exponentially Monk

Well You Needn't [3:30]

Justin Time #206** www.justin-time.com*

Either Orchestra

More Beautiful Than Death

Amaiak Abet Abet [10:00]

Accurate #3282** www.accuraterecords.com*

Brian Woodbury

Variety Orchestra

Mom [4:30]

ReR/SomePhil #7 www.somephil.com OR www.rerusa.com*

Club D'Elf

As Above - Live from the Lizard Lounge

In A Perfect World [3:30]

Grapeshot Media #GRR1003. www.grapeshotmedia.com or www.clubdelf.com

Mark-Anthony Turnage & John Scofield


Let's Say We Did [6:30]

Deutsche Grammophon # 2894747292** www.iclassics.com*

John Stetch

Exponentially Monk

Green Chimneys [4:00]

See above.

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