Global Voices

Unusual vocal works from far-flung locations take center stage on this edition of New Sounds. The Bulgarian Women's Choir is steeped in a sound world that was born somewhere between the medieval Byzantine church and the Eastern European mountains, where the origins of Western musical scales developed. No less unusual is the female-led Finnish ensemble Värttinä, which is known for its trademark speed-singing. Also, hear folk songs of the Dong people of China, and music by English composer Jocelyn Pook.

PROGRAM #2161 Global Voices (First aired on Wednesday, 6/4/03)





Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares

Melody, Rhythm & Harmony

Kalimankou Denkou [5:00]

Mesa #R2-79058
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Jocelyn Pook

Private recording

Essential Ingredients [4:30]

Not commercially available. Info about Pook's music is online at



Kylan Kävijä [4:00]

Wicklow/BMG #63262**

Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares

Vol. 2

Dragana I Slavei [3:00]

Nonesuch #79201***

Dong Folk Songs

People And Nature In Harmony

Cicadas Are Crying [4:00]
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Meredith Monk

Dolmen Music

Dolmen Music, excerpt [9:30]

ECM #1197


Vocal And Instrumental Polyphony

Legend of the Walled-In Women [5:00]

Chant du Monde #274 897. Out of print.

Tenores di Bitti

S'amore 'e mama

Lamentu [5:00]

Real World #62362

Bo Holton & Ars Nova


Orfeo-fragmenter, #2 [4:30]

Ex Libris #30055.
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Lisa Gerrard

Mirror Pool

Celon, excerpt [1:00]

4AD #5009. Available for purchase at*

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