Acoustic Ambient Music

On this edition of New Sounds, there’s brand new music from the composer and founder of the recently revived Cold Blue Music label, Jim Fox. Brooding and beautifully ominous, the piece is called “Descansos, past,” and was written in memory of composer/performer John Kuhlman, who died a few years ago. Also, listen to music from Anton Batagov, who explores musical mathematics and harmonic ratios as hidden in the ten-dot pyramid, the Tetractys. Plus Harold Budd’s swan song - Avalon Sutra, a carefully chosen path between ambient music and the “m” word. Budd is the composer and pianist who has declared that he is quitting the composing life, explaining he has said all he wants to and does not mind disappearing.

PROGRAM #2389, Ambient Classics (First aired on March 18, 2005)

Jim Fox Descansos, past Descansos, past [15:00] Cold Blue #0021*
Anton Batagov Tetractys Tetractys, excerpt [20:00] Long Arms #04064*
Harold Budd Avalon Sutra As Long As I Can Hold My Breath, excerpt [15:00] Samadhisound #004*

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