'Twas Brillig

New Sounds in Wonderland. Hear music inspired by Lewis Carroll’s tales of Alice in Wonderland, including works by Martin Wesley-Smith, the Incredible String Band, Tango Project, One Ring Zero, and Jefferson Airplane.

PROGRAM #2277 New Sounds In Wonderland (First aired 4/28/2004)





Michael Boriskin, piano

Works by Perle, Del tredici, Thorne

Del Tredici: Virtuoso Alice, excerpt [2:00]

New World #80280** www.newworldrecords.org

Jefferson Airplane

Surrealistic Pillow

White Rabbit [2:30]

RCA/BMG Heritage #50351** www.bmgheritage.com*

The Tango Project

White Rabbit

White Rabbit [5:30]

Newport Classic #85536. Out of print, but try gemm.com

One Ring Zero


Pig And Pepper [4:00]


Brian Dewan

The Hunting of the Snark

Opening [6:00]

Private CD

One Ring Zero

Sampler CD

Pig And Pepper Dance Remix [4:00]

See above.

Tom Waits


Alice [4:00]
I'm Still Here [ 2:00]

Anti #86632**
Available for purchase at Amazon.com*

Michael Askill

Australian Percussion

Martin Wesley-Smith:White Knight and Beaver [9:30]

Celestial Harmonies #13085 www.harmonies.com*

Incredible String Band

The Chelsea Sessions

Alice Is A Long Time Gone [3:00]

Pig's Whiskers #5022 www.pigswhiskers.com*

Blue Man Group

The Complex

White Rabbit [2:00]

Lava #301046** www.blueman.com*

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