#2153: Music Toys

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Composer, inventor, and professor at the MIT Media Lab, Tod Machover has spent much of the last three years in his Media Lab studio developing a set of computerized instruments called Music Toys (including Music Shapers and Beatbugs) that aim to engage children with music - but without the need for all those darned piano lessons. New Sounds takes a look at Machover's computer-assisted "hyper-music," with selections from his most recent CD, "Hyperstring Triology" and the Toy Symphony.

Program #2153 Music by Tod Machover (Wednesday, May 14, 2003)





Tod Machover

Private CD

Toy Symphony [13:00]

For info go to www.toysymphony.net

Hyperstring Trilogy

Forever And Ever, Pt. 3 [4:30]
Pt. 5 [3:00]

Oxingale #2003

Private CD

Sparkler [6:30]

See above.

Hyperstring Trilogy

Begin Again Again, Pts 5-8 [7:00]
Songs Of Penance, conclusion [4:00]

See above.

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