New Releases for January 2005

John Schaefer once again picks through the bucketloads of CDs that have flooded his office this winter to find a sampling of new releases worthy of showcasing on this New Sounds program. There's new music from Dave Douglas, Philip Glass, and Arvo Part, along with the latest release from Icebreaker. Also, pay close attention to the Jeff Coffin Mu'tet, who slip into N’awlins feel funk-jazz, Balinese gamelan crossed with a Frisell-like soundscape, and make use of a children's choir, all on the same record!

PROGRAM #2371, New Releases, Jan. 05 (First aired on Jan. 31, 2005)





Philip Glass

The Music of Undertow

Car Ride [1:30

Orange Mountain Music #0016** OR

Paul Nash

Night Language

Sostenuto [7:00]

Musical Heritage Society #912079 LP, out of print, but try

Philip Glass

The Music Of Undertow

Through The Woods [3:30]
Junkyard [3:30]
Abandoned Factory [1:30]

See above.


Cranial Pavement

Richard Craig: Chook [5:30]

Cantaloupe #21024**

Jeff Coffin Mu’tet


Hatim [7:00]
Bloom [5:30]

Compass #4395***

Dave Douglas

Mountain Passages

North Point Memorial [4:30]

Koch/Greenleaf #5802 OR

Arvo Pärt


Nunc Dimittis [7:30]

Hyperion #67375

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