All Aboard

There's music for mass transit on this edition of New Sounds. "Train music" is a long thread in classical music, dating back to Honneger's 1924 work, "Pacific 231." Contemporary composers have also found inspiration in trains and train stations, including Michael Nyman, Elzbieta Sikora, John Mackey, and David Maslanka. As we hear, many of these composers strive to convey trains' movement in onomatopoeic terms — the hissing of steam, the grinding of bearings, and the skidding of wheels. Hop on board and listen to the results.

PROGRAM #2142, Music Inspired By Trains (First aired on Thursday, 4/3/03)





Duke Ellington

Essential Masters of Jazz: Duke Ellington

Daybreak Express, excerpt [1:30]

Proper Box
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Elzbieta Sikora

Lisboa, Tramway 28

Lisboa, tramway 28, excerpt [6:30]

INA #275842.

David Maslanka

Wind Quintets

Quintet #1, Movement Two [4:30]

Cambria #1079
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Michael Nyman

The Piano Concerto / MGV

Musique a Grande Vitesse [26:00]

Argo #443382
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John Mackey

Music for Dance

Rush Hour [7:00]

Private CD

Mecca Bodega

Subway Stories

Subway Stories, excerpt [2:00]

Hybrid #20005
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