Virtual Cathedral

From the New Sounds Live concert series, William Duckworth and The Cathedral Band play music on real and virtual instruments from Duckworth's enormous, 5-year multimedia web-based piece Cathedral. The live concert, recorded at the World Financial Center's Winter Garden Atrium, also incorporated the music made by concert-attending laptop users and those who played along through the world wide web on the virtual instrument called Pitchweb.
Click here to view a slideshow of this New Sounds Live concert recorded at the World Financial Center's Winter Garden.

PROGRAM #2367, From NS Live: William Duckworth’s “Cathedral”
(First aired on Jan.14, 2005)





William Duckworth & The Cathedral Band

New Sounds Live, World Financial Center, 11-17-04

Cathedral, excerpt [52:00]

Cathedral is an ongoing work, for the web:

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